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Erotic Femdom Hypnosis – New Website

After a few bumps in the road i’m finally ready to show off my new website. I built my new clip/mp3 site with my own two paws it took some time but i like it quite a bit, i hope you do too. You can now buy my femdom hypnosis clips and mp3s direct and really who wouldn’t want to just buy from me then going though a clip site. My Mp3′s and clips are listed at a bit of a lower price when you buy direct because i make more on them so really its a win/won



The full crab

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Posted 02 May 2010 — by Number Nine
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flexibility is a must!

The email came in this morning. He described himself as a young, 24 year-old handsome man and even told me his eye color.  He went on to tell me that he recently was with a girl and she wouldn’t fuck him because his cock was just too big. He further went on to tell me how he had called a different phone girl about this “problem” and she decided that he should suck his own cock, presumably because he said it was so big. He said he wanted to talk to me about this subject and said other phone sex girls had told him it was “gross” and wanted to make sure i was cool with it. Umm yeah sure you wanna talk about sucking your own cock then hell, I’m up for it.

Cocksucking adventures

When he made the call he didn’t sound like he was young and he was super meek and quiet. I demanded to know how big that cock was that it was so scary someone would refuse to stick it  in their pussy. He replied 11 inches and  thats when i know were totally in fantasy land. I kicked up the call a notch and told him to lay on his bed, throw his legs over his shoulders, get in the full crab position and slide that cock in his mouth. He was audibly excited by this idea. I then told him to swirl his tongue around the head of his engorged cock and spit all over it. He was moaning louder and i ordered him to “suck that fat cock like a dirty self cock sucking slut” and he got more and more excited. He wasn’t really responding to me but i could hear his excitement. I then went on to tell him to suck that cock until it exploded and he filled his mouth with his hot, wet, sticky, spunk. He let out another really loud grunt then hung up.

oh just another day at the office.